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Community and conservation

We believe in the power of community and conservation – at the local, national, and international level. We are committed to furthering the legacy of Rios Tropicales co-founder Rafael “Rafa” Gallo and are privileged to be working closely with the Gallo Family on conservation initiatives that include their extensive private rainforest reserve of about 900 hectares.

We are honored to steward this amazing lodge into its next chapter. Construction has started on exciting lodge upgrades and we have planned new programs with an expanded vision of the intersection of ecotourism, conservation, and biodiversity. It’s an exciting time for Rios Lodge and guests who choose to spend their precious vacation time here!

rios lodge Mission & Vision

  • To protect and conserve the Pacuare River and larger Pacuare River ecosystem, home to extraordinary biodiversity and carbon capturing rainforest, for future generations.
  • To reforest cleared secondary rainforest through planting native Costa Rican hardwood tree species and to tend to those trees for their lifetime to ensure that the trees thrive and their carbon capture is real and enduring.
  • To educate visitors to the Rios Lodge and surrounding area about the rich biodiversity and importance of protecting it.
  • To include Rios Lodge guests and Pacuare River region visitors and residents directly in conservation programs.
  • To encourage others to be good stewards in their communities through our example and results of tangible, measurable, positive conservation, stewardship, and ecotourism programs.

Our Values


The greater good requires actively engaged businesses and organizations that prioritize environmental conservation, stewardship of resources, and empowerment of local communities.

We are enthusiastic believers that the best way to preserve and conserve unique areas in our world is to bring people to them in sustainable ways to participate in preservation. We are a bridge between "talk" and "action" about conservation.

We believe ecotourism vacations should be available to all. We offer sponsorships, partnerships, and special group programs to help get more people involved in Pacuare area activities and conservation.

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