Pacuare River Ziplining

expanded 8 Zipline Course!

Fly High Over the Pacuare River

Tour Details

Costa Rica's Expanded, All New Zipline Tour in the Pacuare Rainforest

Our zipline canopy tour will be one of the highlights of your stay at the Rios Lodge! Our eight-zipline course crosses the Pacuare River on every zip! You get breathtaking views of the rainforest, the Pacuare River Gorge, and the lodge.

Featured in USA Today’s Outdoors Wire as one of the 22 Best Zipline Courses in the World! 

  • Canopy tours are available daily, in the morning and afternoon.
  • There are 8 ziplines in this canopy tour, every single zipline crosses the Pacuare River!
  • This is the ONLY zipline course that crosses the Pacuare River. 
  • The longest zipline is about 280 meters (915+ feet).
  • The shortest zipline is around 80 meters (260+ feet).
  • The last zipline actually travels from river right to river left upstream over the river, so it’s a marvelously long expanse of the river that the zipper gets to see! 
  • The morning tour is the Dawn Patrol Zipline Canopy tour, and starts after coffee and before breakfast! The morning canopy tour is a great way to see the jungle waking up and experience firsthand the birds and mist flowing through the Gorge.
  • Our afternoon tour is a great opportunity to sneak views of the Howler monkeys roaming the tops of the trees.
  • All participants are led by certified bilingual canopy guides
  • The canopy course has been certified to ACCT standards and is monitored and maintained regularly.
  • All participants wear helmets, harnesses and receive a safety briefing on proper use of equipment.
  • You can book additional zipline canopy tours at the lodge, as well. Many guests like to do the zipline more than once!
Alice H.
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Wow! What an exhilarating experience that let me explore the forest from river to canopy!
Lynn D.
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I was completely terrified to zipline, though knew I wanted to experience this. I’m not afraid of heights. My heart was beating so fast when I went on the first line. It was amazing, and I was a convert!
Payson K.
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The ziplines over the river were spectacular!
Kaylee C
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Great course! It was long enough to truly experience and appreciate the jungle and the river from all views. I felt very safe with the training of staff and their meticulous safety measures down to every little detail.

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