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Family Eco-Family Holiday Of Choice At Rios Lodge, Costa Rica


Pacuare, Costa Rica, November 27, 2023 – There is nothing like an exhilarating nature-based family holiday to entertain, educate and bond with kids. While staying at Rios Lodge, an ecolodge deep in the jungle of Costa Rica’s Limón province, guests can experience a blend of educational, adrenaline-filled, and soft adventures that ignite travelers’ appreciation and interest in the environment and its conservation, preservation and protection.

The off-the-grid Rios Lodge, remotely located in the middle of 1000 hectares of the private lodge and Gallo-Jimenez family rainforest reserve on the riverbank of the Pacuare River, operates eco-centric activity programming that can shape guests into conscious travelers. Rios Lodge’s stewards are committed to making eco-vacations available to all by offering well-priced packages, sponsorships, partnerships and special group programs that engage, educate and involve guests in regional conservation and regenerative tourism activities.

From the comfort of their riverside or creekside family suite, big and small kids alike can experience a wide diversity of transformative adventures. These range from exhilarating zipline canopy tours and immersive interpretation to rainforest hikes to horseback riding tree-planting and world-renowned whitewater rafting.

“Rios Lodge’s operation is designed to minimize the ecological footprint and contribute to the conservation of the surrounding habitat and the Pacuare River. By immersing guests in the lodge’s pristine environment, our staff and guides get to share their knowledge and help our guests understand the importance of practicing sustainable tourism,” says Arturo Oropeza, Rios Lodge Partner. We want our guests to feel great about their decision to visit Rios Lodge. Most importantly, we also want their kids to understand why everyone at the lodge works hard to restore and safeguard our incredible playground,” added Arturo.


Guests can make a difference during their family eco-holiday by joining this tour and taking part in decades-long reforestation projects in the extensive surrounding private and family rainforest reserves. The immense biodiversity of flora and fauna within the Pacuare River region is a treasure trove for nature lovers and passionate naturalist guides.

 Tour Highlights and Conservation and Sustainability Initiatives

  • Tree Planting of native hardwood trees that contribute to the regional biodiversity
  • Tour the off-the-grid rainforest lodge and learn about hydroelectric and solar power systems
  • Learn about clean energy and understand Leave-no-trace principles
  • Hear about Rios Lodge’s carbon mitigation and biodiversity projects 


Rafting is in the DNA of Rios Lodge’s founders, stewards and staff. The lodge’s co-founder, Rafael Gallo, was a pioneer in Costa Rica’s ecotourism industry and a legend in the whitewater river rafting industry worldwide. Rios Lodge’s new owners and stewards are accomplished whitewater paddlers.

Adventurers and whitewater paddlers worldwide come to Rios Lodge to raft the Pacuare River, recognized as one of the top 10  whitewater paddling rivers in the world. Families staying at the lodge often come to the lodge to expose their kids to the rugged and mesmerizing rainforest’s beauty and the pristine waters of the Pacuare. Rafting on that river provides the best introduction to the wild for kids and parents who wish to share exhilarating moments together in nature. Rios Lodge partners with a highly experienced, local rafting company that was founded by top guides of the former Rios Tropicales adventure company.   

Highlights and Technicality

  • Rafting the Pacuare River is often the holiday highlight and the top family bonding experience of the holiday
  • The Pacuare River is considered a mecca for whitewater rafting enthusiasts globally 
  • Rios Lodge is the first lodge established along the Pacuare and the only one that is accessible by raft or by foot. Guests’ initiation to rafting begin on their holiday’s very first day
  •  Kids 6+ can raft in on the arrival day, on the upper, calmer portion of the river
  • Kids 12+ can raft the more challenging lower part/gorge of the river on the final day, pending on the seasonal rapids level. 


The Pacuare River RainforestZipline Canopy Tour is a must when visiting Rios Lodge. With its new expanded circuit, the lodge’s installation ranks amongst the top 10 in the world, according to USA Today’s Outdoors Wire. The eight-zipline course crosses the Pacuare River on every zip. The view of the rainforest combined with the Pacuare River Gorge and the lodge is breathtaking. The zipline course is built to international standards and maintained regularly. 

Highlights and Technicality

  • Ranks top 10 in the world
  • The only zipline circuit in Costa Rica to cross the Pacuare River
  • The longest zipline is around 280 meters (915+ feet)
  • The shortest zipline is around 80 meters (260+ feet)
  • Kids age 8 and over and 60 pounds pounds can zipline
  • The morning Dawn Patrol Zipline Canopy Tour is the kids’ favorite and a great way to see the jungle and all its creatures waking up 


The award-winning Rios Lodge caters to families, couples, single travelers and diverse groups. The off-the-grid lodge has been designed with these functions in mind. The accommodation is spacious, comfortable and equipped with eco-friendly amenities that meet guests’ needs, interests and budgets. There are several lodging options, including Cabin Suites, Deluxe Cabin Room, Classic Cabin Room and a Family Suite suitable for 4. The rooms have a covered porch and a walk-in hot shower with a view of all the necessary toiletries. The outdoor dining area and public spaces are spacious and offer a cozy and serene atmosphere echoing the sounds of the river flowing and exotic birds.


A completely rebuilt shared lodging experience for budget-conscious groups and travelers is now available. The new Ecohostel has bunkrooms that sleep up to 8 guests in fully screened rooms. It has shared bathrooms with private shower stalls and a common lodge and dining area. The Eco-Lodge can host groups of up to 64 people. Guests can book single beds or buy out the entire EcoHostel. Perfect for multi-generational families!

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Media Inquiries:

USA: Julie Thorner, Rios Lodge Steward/Marketing / Email Julie  

Costa Rica: Arturo Oropeza, Rios Lodge Partner Steward/ Email Arturo 

More about Rios Lodge- Rios Lodge is a remote private eco-lodge located on the Caribbean side of Costa Rica, on the riverbank of the Pacuare River in Limón Province. It was founded in 1989 as Rios Tropicales Lodge, as part of Rios Tropicales, an award-winning adventure company co-founded by Rafael (Rafa) Gallo, who was a pioneer in conservation and adventure tourism globally. The original lodge was sold to new eco-stewards after the founder’s passing in 2021 and now operates as Rios Lodge. It is fully off-the-grid, powered by micro hydropower, and with satellite WIFI services. The lodge offers 17 deluxe, classic and suite rooms in addition to a new eco-hostel lodging and dining center that can host groups of up to 64. It offers a rich adventure activities program founded on sustainability and conservation principles.

* Rios Lodge with its extensive private, protected Rainforest Reserve has received the Blue Ecological Flag for Protected Natural Spaces since 2007. Almost two decades ago, Rios Tropicales won the Best Adventure Travel Companies on Earth award by National Geographic Adventures (2006). It also won the first-ever National Geographic Geotourism Challenge: Celebrating People and Place, in 2008.