Off-The-Grid Eco-Lodge Delivers A Flavorful Farm-To-Table Dining Experience In The Heart Of Costa Rica’s Rainforest


Costa Rica, December 18, 2023 -Nestled in the pristine beauty of Costa Rica’s rainforest, Rios Lodge invites guests on a culinary journey curated by its new Executive Chef, Luc “Luca” Bortoluzzi, who hails from France. The immersive gastronomic adventure complements the lodge’s wonderful outdoor adventure programs, deepening travelers’ appreciation and connection to Costa Rica’s natural wonders and culture.

At the heart of the dining experience is an authentic open-air dining area where guests are introduced to some of the freshest, most colorful and delicious flavors in an enchanting setting. Every moment spent in the lodge’s open-air bar and dining room is filled with new flavors, classic favorites, sweet treats and unforgettable stories.

Meet Chef Luca Bortoluzzi, a Culinary Maestro with a Worldly Touch -Chef Luca’s passion for cooking is as strong as his appetite for adventures. Like many Rios Lodge staff members, he enjoys the river and the rainforest as much as  cooking delightful creations in the lodge’s kitchen.

Chef Luca has traveled the world as an accomplished chef working in fine dining in France, the Caribbean, Canada, Ibiza and Costa Rica. He brings a unique blend of global influences to his farm-to-table approach. His passion for fusion cuisine is present in every dish he creates, and he blends tropical ingredients with the refined techniques of a French cuisine-trained chef. Fresh ingredients paired with Chef Luca’s flair and culinary knowledge generate a symphony of flavors that captivates the senses.

Locally Sourced and Globally Inspired – The food at Rios Lodge is sourced at local farms in Turrialba and is brought to the lodge every 2-3 days on rafts via the Pacuare River. The chef and his team strongly believe that exceptional dishes begin with fresh ingredients. Partnering with local farmers has allowed Rios Lodge to bring vibrant Costa Rica food straight to their guests’ plates while supporting locals and their economies.

With the abundant farmland, cattle ranch, coffee plantations, exotic fruits & vegetables, seafood, and the country’s cultural mix, Costa Rica is becoming a food destination within the Americas. Rios Lodge supports this growing culinary interest and prides itself in delivering a premium culinary experience within the country’s remote eco-lodges industry.

Chef Luca can cook an incredibly tasty traditional Costa Rica savory breakfast dish, Gallo Pinto (rice and beans) or egg-based dishes with tortilla and fried plantains with local herbs and spices such as coriander, cilantro,and sazón mix (blend cumin, garlic, annatto). He knows how to transform a classic Casado (combo plate), Picadillos (vegetable hash) or Rndòn (seafood and coconut stew) into a symphony of flavors that captivates the senses. Furthermore, his delicious offerings fuel and energize Rios Lodge’s guests for their exciting daily outdoor adventures.

Here’s a sample of the menu guests can enjoy.

Delicious and Ethical. Every decision made concerning the development of Rios Lodge has had the local community, Indigenous Cabecar, and the planet in mind. This is also reflected in how they source, prepare, and share meals.

They leverage fresh, local ingredients, partnering with local farms as much as possible. The kitchen runs on solar and hydropower. Everything needed in the kitchen is brought in on rafts, and the kitchen non-compostable waste is brought out on rafts. Compostable waste is used at the lodge’s gardens.

Rios Lodge caters to different tastes and diets. The team understands the importance of offering healthy and nutritious food and how an inadequate diet can impact guests. Rios Lodge caters to various dietary restrictions, including pescatarian, vegan, vegetarian, nut-free, gluten-free, lactose intolerant, etc. The attentive team delivers meals that meet and exceed guests’ expectations.

Rios Lodge’s off-the-grid eco-dining and eco-lodging experiences is for travelers of all ages, genders, fitness levels, budgets and interests. From epic rafting on the Pacuare River and exhilarating ziplining across the river, to cultural visits and reforestation activities, or simply relaxing in the comfort of a private riverside bungalow, the experience is rewarding. Rios Lodge is a destination, a place to which travelers love to return.

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More about Rios Lodge- Rios Lodge is a remote private eco lodge located on the Caribbean side of Costa Rica, on the riverbank of the Pacuare River in Limón Province. It was founded in 1989 as Rios Tropicales Lodge, as part of Rios Tropicales, an award-winning adventure company co-founded by Rafael (Rafa) Gallo, who was a pioneer in conservation and adventure tourism globally. The original lodge was sold to new eco-stewards after the founder’s passing in 2021 and now operates as Rios Lodge. It is fully off- the-grid, powered by micro hydropower, and with satellite WIFI services. The lodge offers 17 deluxe, classic and suite rooms in addition to a new eco hostel lodging and dining center that can host groups of up to 64. It offers a rich adventure activities program founded on sustainability and conservation principles.

* Rios Lodge with its extensive private, protected Rainforest Reserve has received the Blue Ecological Flag for Protected Natural Spaces since 2007. Almost two decades ago, Rios Tropicales won the Best Adventure Travel Companies on Earth award by National Geographic Adventures (2006). It also won the first ever National Geographic Geotourism Challenge: Celebrating People and Place, in 2008.

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