Reasons to visit Costa Rica in 2024

5 Reasons to Visit Costa Rica in 2024

Do you have a friend convincing you to visit Costa Rica? When it comes up, their eyes brighten, their smiles get bigger, and they start shouting phrases like “The ziplines were crazy!” “The Monkey that stole my hat!” “We hiked on a volcano!” You’ll probably get pulled down their enthusiastic memory lane of interesting animals, exciting adventures, and peaceful rainforest views.

At the end of the conversation, you’re probably ready to book your own ticket. 

Thanks to every visitor with a similar 11/10 experience traveling to Costa Rica, our beautiful country is reaching the top of travel lists as a fantastic place to explore. 

Need even more reasons to visit Costa Rica? Here are our top 5 reasons to visit Costa Rica in 2024.

visit costa rican waterfall pools

Costa Rica was Named “2024 Destination of the Year”

“There is no single recipe for enjoying Costa Rica. Any road you take will likely bring the same result: a sense of wonder and a desire to return. We Costa Ricans are relatively few — the population barely exceeds 5 million. But we’re proud of our shared idea that things will always turn out fine and that life is, above all, beautiful.”
– Ronny Rojas, Travel + Leisure

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We aren’t surprised, but we are excited that Costa Rica has been chosen as the 2024 Destination of the Year! 

Costa Rica is a top global vacation destination thanks to the diverse array of activities, terrain, foods and opportunities. But the magic lies in the feelings you get from the simple moments of enjoying Pura Vida. From listening to a tropical storm from the comfort of your bed to seeing your toes wading around in crystal-clear seawater, you’ll pick up simple and sweet memories to hold on to throughout your entire trip.

ziplining over the Pacuare River in the Costa Rican rainforest

It’s the Perfect Balance of Easy Adventure and Picturesque Relaxation

We don’t all have the same goals for our trips; some people want simple relaxation, luxury, rugged adventure, or a mix of all three. With Costa Rica, you can choose the experience you want!

People looking for simple relaxation can spend their vacation surfing and sipping mai tais on a beautiful beach. From isolated surf retreats and yoga getaways in Nosara to looking for turtles on Montezuma Beach, there are beautiful areas where you can enjoy filling your free time with gentle fun.

People looking for tropical luxury can enjoy all the amenities of upscale resorts in Guanacaste or Peninsula Papagayo. 

Adventurers and people looking for a little bit of everything will love rafting down the Pacuare River for a few beautiful days of rafting, ziplining, hiking, and enjoying the rainforest from a remote lodge. 

Pick your Pura Vida experience – they’re all right at your fingertips!

Costa Rican rainforest

Costa Rica is a “Top 5 Country for Ecotourists in 2024”

“Around 27% of Costa Rica’s 52,000 km2 is protected. It’s the smallest country to feature in this top five but is occupied by approximately three species of animal and plant per 10 km2. This is the highest number out of the five countries listed.”
Forbes Advisor

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We are proud that many organizations and ecolodges across the country have taken the concept of ecotourism seriously. For example, we have committed to only using renewable hydro and solar energy to power our lodge and build our lodge with reclaimed materials.

When you support ecotourism and local companies offering unique, authentic experiences, you support an industry that strives to put the planet and local community first.

connecting with people in Costa Rica

It’s a Fantastic Country to Connect with Like-Minded People

Many people visiting and exploring Costa Rica are searching for similar things, whether it’s adventure, stunning views, or the perfect wave. Spending time with people with similar interests will further enrich your experience in Costa Rica.

Guests at our eco lodge enjoy every meal in our main dining room, where groups can intermingle and share travel stories. These spontaneous connecting moments often lead to new adventures and friendships.

wildlife at our Costa Rica ecolodge

Costa Rica is Loved by Tourists and Locals for all The Diverse Views it Offers

With one-fourth of its land located in national parks and reserves, Costa Rica is a dream destination for nature lovers and intrepid travelers. Among the country’s natural wonders are five active volcanoes, 800 miles of unspoiled coastline, and diverse ecosystems, from cloud forests to tropical beaches. For those lucky enough to call this stunning Central American country home, its laid-back, pura vida way of life and the warm hospitality of its people make it an appealing place to both live and explore.
– Travel + Leisure 

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If you want to hear true passion for exploring Costa Rica, talk to a Costa Rican local. They know the hidden gem areas that the travel articles don’t always mention and have the cultural understanding that makes these areas that much better. 

This article covers just a few of the areas in Costa Rica that locals find especially magical. Here is a little spoiler – The Pacuare River is on this list!

beautiful lodge views in at a Costa Rica ecolodge

Are you sold on a 2024 Costa Rica adventure? Reach out to our team! We’ll help you plan your trip into the heart of the Costa Rican rainforest. We hope to see you rafting or hiking into our stunning riverside lodge soon!