Costa Rica Family Vacations at Rios Lodge: A Closer Look

Costa Rica Family Vacations at Rios Lodge: A Closer Look

Beautiful family memories will last longer than any toy, clothing or newest technology. That’s why we always say moments over materials! 

A unique family vacation is one of the best ways to build these memories. But, especially with significant age ranges, finding a holiday that speaks to everyone in the family can be challenging. 

Luckily, Pura Vida is here to welcome you and your family with open arms. Let us show you how your family will bond and grow together in the heart of the Pacuare River.

A Costa Rica Family Vacation Perspective

We recently were sent these family reviews that capture the essence of the family experience at Rios Lodge. Thank you to Jess and Beth for sending in these reviews and sharing wonderful family photos!

This place is truly one of the coolest ones I have ever been to, and I’ve been all over.  

We went as a group of families with kids ages 10-15. It was the perfect “rustic luxury adventure”… simple and super comfortable modern rooms, top-notch dining with the French chef pulling out a two-course breakfast and dessert with both lunch and dinner! And then as many daily activities as you can handle. We did the ziplining (and again, the best I have ever done by far (and I’ve done a lot!)), waterfall hikes (like IN the waterfalls), rapids tubing, night hikes for creepy crawly sightings, and horseback riding. And the white water rafting getting in and out is legit and epically beautiful. The guides and staff are super high quality and YOU REALLY HAVE TO GO HERE if you get the chance!

 – Jess D., Hood River, OR

My two teenagers and I spent 5 amazing days at Rios Lodge on the Pacuare River. 

The trip was a perfect mix of adventure and relaxation. From the moment we were picked up at our hotel in San Jose, everything was handled for us. The rafting in and out of the lodge, guided hikes in the jungle, horseback riding, zip lining, and hiking up waterfalls was all spectacular. There was plenty of time to hang out in the hammock or with new friends. And, the food was incredible! We can’t wait to return!

– Beth M., Bend, OR


This family tailored their Rios Lodge experience with all the activities their family connected with and loved – and you can too! Here are some of the most popular activities perfect for a Costa Rica family vacation on the Pacuare River!

costa rica family vacations - ziplining


Want to try out one of the “best ziplines in the world“? We have it here at Rios Lodge! Featured on a list of the world’s best ziplines, we have an eight-zipline course that will zoom you over gorgeous views of the rainforest, the Pacuare River Gorge, and the lodge. Kids as young as eight years old can enjoy this exciting adventure!

family vacations in costa rica - horseback riding

Horseback Riding

Horseback riding is an exciting and unique experience that kids of all ages will love. Our sweet and docile horses are fantastic for horseback riding first-timers. Our rides will wind your family through lush and beautiful rainforest trails.  The family in this picture loved it!!


Rafting is one of the two options for reaching our lodge, and it offers a fantastic first impression of the beauty and adventure you’ll find during your stay along the Pacuare. You can raft in and out of the lodge – the raft in is easy and splashy – great for adventurous kids over 6. The raft out has larger, more exciting rapids perfect for adventurers over 12. But those who would rather hike into and out of the lodge will always have that option!  When families have kids across the under and over 12 age range – we make it easy for the youngest ones to hike out with an adult family member and an expert naturalist guide, and the older ones can raft out with an adult family member and expert white water guide. Everyone gets a Pura Vida river or rainforest experience, lunch on the river or the hike, and they all meet back up at our Turrialba Operations Center where the transport to San Jose (or other places if guests booked a custom option) awaits.

tubing on a family vacation

Wading and Tubing

From lounging on some lovely river pools to splashing down the Pacuare on some lucky days, tubing is a great way to enjoy the stunning river we have at our fingertips! Especially on those hot and humid days, relaxing in a comfy tube is the perfect way to cool off. Kids can swim and splash while parents sip a cool drink and float around. Tubing is on the quieter section of the river, at the right water levels, and is for ages 10+.

waterfall hike on a Costa Rica family vacation

Nature Walks and Hikes

Little nature adventurers will love finding creepy crawlies and elusive wildlife on a nature walk or conservation hike. Our hiking guides are happy to take your family on a route with stunning views and rainforest magic while sharing some stories about the area. All ages love to splash and swim in the pools and relax in the lush beauty of the rainforest. Listen carefully – you might hear howler monkeys cruising through the trees across the river! You’ll certainly hear the abundant birds!

dinner on a Costa Rica family vacation


Mealtimes may not seem like an activity, but every family will tell you that the best memories are simple ones made around the dinner table. Rios Lodge offers chef-made meals that are delicious, nutritious and incorporate fresh ingredients grown locally. We can also accommodate all dietary food restrictions so everyone is full and happy. And parents or adult kids can enjoy a full bar of beer, wine and spirits!

activities on a Costa Rica vacation

Yoga and Relaxation Time

Many memories are made in the absence of activities! Kids can have an outstanding balance of planned activities and free time to explore the wonders of the lodge. Rest in hammocks, host family yoga practices, read a book or play board games from our library, or anything that happens when you take phones and video games out of the equation. If you visit our new eco hostel, you can enjoy a covered deck perfect for some stretching and sun salutations. 

We love hosting families and watching them bond over all the activities you can find in the Costa Rican rainforest. Are you ready to plan your Pura Vida family vacation adventure? Reach out to our team to book your Pacuare River Adventure today!